Chapter 1: Set Your Compass
Chapter 2: Who & How We Serve
Chapter 3: I.M.P.A.C.T - Building Your Foundation
BONUS: The Art of Listening
BONUS: Your Basic Business Legal Setup (Quick Guide)
Chapter 7: Creating Your Clients Plan
Chapter 8: Setting Up Your Office & Processes
BONUS: Quarterly Business Planning Training
BONUS: Branding & Message Quick Guide
Chapter 10: Your Website & Blog
Chapter 11: Your Content Sharing Plan
BONUS: Content Planning Training
BONUS: Done-for-You Social Media Graphic Templates
BONUS: The Amazing Human Body!
BONUS: The Function of Food
BONUS: Vitamin & Mineral Guide
Chapter 20: The Great Command {with 4 Week Example Client Plan!}
Spring 2024 Discussion Recordings

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