Instructions on Holding a Facebook Event for Marketing Your Challenge

Use the FB feature “event” to set up an event page to easily advertise your free event! SEE EXAMPLE OF A FB EVENT HERE (and screenshots with notes below!)

Be sure to RECORD the call, as you will be able to use it in follow-up marketing with your list! (As well as a valuable reference for your coaching later on down the road!) You can use Zoom or Facebook LIVE as your service for this. 

DO NOT FORGET to CLOSE your listeners on the call into your challenge – they are often waiting on you to give them the next step! Just send them to your sales page, and talk briefly about how the challenge will give them the perfect place to put their new knowledge or renewed awareness into action!

IMPORTANT NOTES ON EVENTS: Use a CATCHY TITLE that answers a WANT and meets a NEED for those who read your posts and follow you – and you will have interest in attendance at your free event! 

Make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for them to attend (i.e. include link or dial-in info IN THE EVENT PAGE!)

Include brief “how-to” instructions for them – step 1, step 2 … (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW!)

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Need Help?

Here’s how you can get help with your membership! If emailing, be sure to note that you’re in Done-For-You Challenge Kit!
Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply.